The Internet Is Arguing Over How Baguettes Would Move And It’s So Disturbing

Some questions just shouldn’t be asked

There’s been a lot of strange questions that have emerged from the internet. Things that would’ve probably never occured to you otherwise and make you go, “who the hell even wonders about stuff like this?” Things like, for instance, “if a dog wore pants, which way would he wear them?” Really makes you think.

I respect everyone’s right to their own opinion, but also if you said anything other than “on their back two legs only” you’re wrong. Sorry.
The great Dog Pants Debate has yet to be resolved and who knows if it ever will be, and now we’ve all got a whole new issue to discuss. This one is not only equally as weird as ‘how would dogs wear pants’ but it’s also infinitely more unsettling, so get ready.

The next big question from the internet is,

if baguettes could move, what would it look like

Even just imagining a giant loaf of bread moving along the ground like a worm or a caterpillar, or GALLOPING is a disturbing thought, but don’t worry, just in case you weren’t already on your way to having bread-filled nightmares over this someone made a gif.

Thanks, I hate it

This question for the ages was quick to spread and everyone had an opinion to give, which were all surprisingly based in logic.

Ok, the sentence “because baguette doesn’t have bones” made me so uncomfortable I want to dive out a window

And there were those who thought outside the breadbox and came up with their own answers

Regardless of what the right answer is, or if there even is one, mobile baguettes are what I’m going to be drinking to forget this weekend.

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