What if Instagram were as addicted to YOU as you were to IT?

Hi, this is Instagram. You seem sad. Would you like these carefully chosen and algorithmically-devised feeds of both content recommendations, user profiles, and advertisements to feel better temporarily? It won’t solve your problems, but it will cost you time, attention, and money. Yes? Great, just tap here.

Oh, hi, again. Instagram here. Are you still sad? Why? I have brought new clothes, people (mostly butts), red pandas, trash pandas, too many hashtags, and so many interesting, shiny things that give you dopamine and a little rush of excitement and a little thrill so what do you mean you’re still sad?

I know what you need. You don’t need more stuff in your life. You need less. Let me take care of you. Let me take it away.

I’m Instagram. I really get you.


Instagram is addictive as hell (or is it?), but it’s not, like, listening to us, right? When Jane (Bree Essrig) breaks up with Blane (Matthew Lieberman) and finds herself heartbroken and burdened by too many ex-boif photos to delete off her profile — she takes comfort in Instagram’s loving, weirdly specific and how-can-it-know-so-much-about-me product recommendations.

That’s when the weird stuff starts happening — and at first it’s not too far outside of how Instagram acts today. When you look at your phone and like, “Damn, I was JUST talking about needing some nylon footwear emblazoned with Guy Fieri’s face YESTERDAY. Bam. Ordered.”

But then Instagram gets proactive, raising the question: are these platforms a benign precursor to HAL 9000, or, more extreme, either our salvation or evil sleeper agents bent upon our destruction? OR EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY: how can we get more followers? I need, like, A LOT MORE. I need to get into Tween Fest, stat.


Directed by Jeremy Azevedo & Leonard Wilkes
Written by Bree Essrig, Matthew Lieberman & Jeremy Azevedo
Starring Bree Essrig, Whitney Moore & Matthew Lieberman
Cinematography/Color by Leonard Wilkes
Camera Operation by Ryan Larkin
Location Sound by Chris Seto
Edited by Leonard Wilkes
VFX by Jon Bez & Bryan Wieder

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